How to help Hurricane Otis victims 🙏

How to help Hurricane Otis victims 🙏

How to help Hurricane Otis victims 🙏

The category 5 hurricane, the strongest storm on record to hit Mexico’s Pacific coast, devastated the tourist destination and home to 800,000 residents, who were caught by surprise with little time to prepare. At least 39 people are dead and hundreds of thousands are still without power.

Nonprofit teams are on the ground and actively providing direct relief services.


Please consider joining us and our partner CNN Impact Your World, in supporting their life-saving work. Choose to donate to any of the nonprofits below or split your donation evenly among all of them:


 ✅ Convoy of Hope  ✅Salvation Army - National Headquarters  ✅World Central Kitchen ✅Operation Blessing  ✅Cruz Roja Mexicana I.A.P.


Please note: As we continually monitor and evaluate ways to support these disaster relief & recovery efforts, this nonprofit list may expand and update.


To donate, text MEXICO to 707070 or click the link below:

Thank you for your #PledgeToDoGood 

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