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Waterproof flashlight outdoor flashlight LED

Waterproof flashlight outdoor flashlight LED

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Material: Aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: 1.5V
Power form: battery
Power: 0.05
Light source form: LED
Applicable environment: daily carrying, caving, patrol, teaching, camping, hunting, hiking, searching, night fishing, night riding
Power generation method: battery
Maximum range: 50-100 meters

1. The shell is made of high-quality materials, surface anodized, non-slip grooved design is very tough, with high strength, good hand feeling, anti-skid and so on. The barrel can withstand 1000+ pounds of pressure and will work even if it is run over by car tires. The wave type attack head design has a certain self-defense effect.
2. Use the ordinary 1st section of the 5th battery, the consumption of the electrode, sustainable lighting for more than 20 hours (intermittent use time is longer). Standard power calibration circuit PMMA lens, high-concentration concentrating hood, the concentrating ability can reach more than 90%, the irradiation distance can reach 100 meters, and the visible distance of the signal can reach about 1 km.
3. The LED high-intensity light-emitting tube is used as the light source, and the brightness is effectively enhanced by about 15-20 times. The light color is closer to nature, the color discrimination ability is stronger, and the brightness is up to 30 lumens, which is much larger than the bulb and the ordinary LED.
4. LED bulbs have a very long life and can be used for 100,000 hours without having to consider the problem of replacing the bulbs.
5. Strengthen the waterproof design, waterproof aprons at both ends, and waterproof ring inside the lamp cup to easily cope with the harsh environment in the field. (Note: Cannot be used when diving)
6. The tail button switch is more convenient to use; it is equipped with a hand strap for easy carrying.
· ◆ Uses: hiking, camping, survival, hiking and other sports.
·◆ Note: Since the flashlight is too strong, do not expose the human eye to avoid unnecessary discomfort.
·◆ Description: This flashlight adopts imported lamp holder, featuring high brightness, long battery life, small size and light weight.
Note: You can't use 3.7V 14500 lithium battery, otherwise it will burn the flashlight circuit board. Only use the 5th battery or rechargeable battery with the voltage below 1.6V.

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